ConnectionWelcome to ELF, Equine Learning for Futures Inc.

Our objectives are:-

  • To develop and implement equine based educational programs for disadvantaged youths and children.
  • Promote the use of horses in the learning process to facilitate change, positive personal growth and promote positive self esteem.
  • To organise fundraising events to support the activities of the Association.

deef claudia webWe use horses in these programs to provide experiential learning opportunities for children and adults to grow and develop in a positive way. This is known Internationally as Equine Facilitated Learning and it has a unique  and effective  role in emotional and social learning.

Who can benefit?

  • Students identified within schools as “at-risk” of disengaging from educational opportunities.
  • Individuals diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders and other associated conditions.
  • Those needing to develop their social and emotional learning.



Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning is a powerful tool that helps promote better self awareness, healthy relationships, leadership skills and respect.

Equine Facilitated Learning is a powerful tool! Horses have an incredible ability to help you learn about yourself. They can promote better self awareness and thereby promote healthy relationships, develop leadership skills and teach respect when we start to interact with them in a genuine and authentic manner.

How can ELF assist you?

ELF can provide your school or institution  with an individualised program related to your group or individual needsWe offer workshops to families or individuals who are seeking help with relationship, behaviour or general well-being issues.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson